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About SHL

SHL is one of the most popular testing companies in the world, they create custom assessments for hundreds of employers globally, in many different languages. The exams are usually aptitude tests, that are designed with the intention of filtering candidates with the best skills for a certain position.

If you are practicing for job aptitude exams, you have probably already tried one of their tests, since they are also very popular among applicants. That is because SHL offers tests with answers and explanations for beginners and share tips on how to improve your skills.

These psychometric tests are focused on identifying the right people for the right positions, so they are applied as a pre-application process. After this, you will probably still go through an interview or formal proceeding.

Types of SHL Tests

As mentioned previously, SHL works with a variety of employers who are offering a variety of positions, so the tests have to include the requirements of each position. For example:

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning tests will contain a number of basic math problems to solve, or will ask the applicant to analyze a graph and draw conclusions from it. They are more focused on time and are very popular for many positions.

Since they don’t involve advanced maths or physics, you can expect to find them being applied in a position that does not require mathematical knowledge.

SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test will provide a statement, usually involving the workplace, and the candidate should select which multiple-choice option will better fit the situation. The most common form of the verbal test will ask if a statement is True or False based on the previous text.

The tests are meant to evaluate your ability to extract key information from a piece of a written text in a short time. This can determine whether you will be able to solve problems quickly in the workplace.

SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

The inductive reasoning test will resemble an IQ test, where you will see a series of figures and shapes, and be asked to select which figure will come next in the series. It can also be called diagrammatic reasoning, and it determines your ability to deal with abstract information.

If the candidate has the skills to quickly solve a problem using induction, this can predict how well they can deal with adversity.

SHL Situational Judgement Tests

Unlike the others mentioned so far, situational judgment tests will not assess a technical or logical skill, it will determine how well the applicant can deal with practical workplace issues. These are behavioral tests. The question provides a normal problem at work and you need to select which action will be more effective in solving the problem.

For example, if X happens, would you contact your manager, your direct superior, or deal with it by yourself? This is a more pragmatic exam that can be very useful in predicting how well someone would perform in a certain position.

SHL Mechanical Reasoning Test

The mechanical reasoning test is used for more specific positions, usually related to engineering. It will require an understanding of certain tools and devices like pulleys, levers, or electric circuits. For example, the candidate will be asked which appropriate tool to use in a situation.

In order to perform well in those, certain principles of physics and math will have to be studied. Some questions will involve gravity, friction, pressure, moments, potential energy, kinetic energy among other concepts.

SHL General Ability Test

This exam will adopt the characteristics and features of other exams to create a more broad assessment. The questions can involve numerical, verbal, or judgment reasoning to cover many areas at once, providing an inclusive examination of the applicant’s cognition.

SHL Reading Comprehension Test

Similar to the verbal test, the reading comprehension test also examines the candidate’s ability to extract key information from written tests, however, in these exams, the text tends to be more complex and less workplace-related.

The statement provided in the question will contain more complicated terms and ideas that have to be understood quickly. The questions may also ask the candidate to mark True or False for the statement.

SHL Deductive Reasoning Test

The deductive reasoning test is very popular in the engineering and IT positions, where the applicant will have to analyze a set of information, and deduce the best answer from that source. The questions often involve basic math concepts and graphs.

SHL Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB)

The MGIB test can be taken along with more conventional types of SHL tests, it usually consists of numerical and verbal questions, and will commonly analyze the candidate’s abilities for a managerial position.

This exam can be more complicated than the other ones, and it is usually supervised in a testing center, where they can be online or on paper.

SHL Personality Questionnaires

When companies are looking for people to fill positions, skills and abilities are often not the only factors to consider. There are many personal qualities that can be a great predictor of success or failure in the company, which is why SHL also offers personality assessments.

These tests will be able to determine the person’s drive, motivation, and ambition in order to say if they are a good fit for a certain team. These factors can also tell you if the candidate has growth potential inside the company business.

How to Pass SHL Tests

The most important tip to succeed in these exams is practice, many websites provide free courses and mock exams to guide you through the exercise and maximize your results.

You will also need to find out which type of test will be applied for your position, this information is usually provided by the company weeks before the application.

If the tests are numerical or mechanical, find out if you are allowed to use a calculator, which many companies do authorize. Also, learn how to organize your time and optimize your focus by recognizing which questions are more difficult and which ones are easier, prioritizing the latter.

If the tests require verbal or judgment reasoning, make sure to learn as much as possible about the company’s values and beliefs. This is important because many SHL tests are custom made for certain employers, which means that you will need to understand the employer’s principles in order to achieve a great result.