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Saville Assessment

Saville is a company specialized in assessments for hiring and staff development that is creating new and original tests for other companies. Their team is complete with psychologists, IT professionals, and research and development experts that have years of experience in the area of hiring and risk management.

They also provide unique candidate training specifically for their tests which you can find on their website as free online courses, complete with preparation guides and practice tests under timed conditions that will imitate the actual experience of a test.

About Saville Assessment

Since it started in 2004, Saville Assessment has reached a wide audience of over 50 international partners and has managed to create over 180 assessment solutions. If you are training for a job aptitude test, studying this company’s methods is very important since their tests are popular and can be used in your interview.

Their psychometricians develop personality tests as a means to understand the candidate’s motives and workplace potential, while also providing skill questionnaires to accurately define one’s cognitive ability and expertise in a certain area.

The assessments that the company creates are meant to make the hiring process faster and more accurate, in order to ensure that the client is only hiring the best professionals and that the candidates are finding the most suitable place to work.

In 2015 the company was acquired by the Willis Towers Watson, which is a global advisory company that has clients all over the world and is specialized in risk assessment. The combination of these two companies is a great suit for their clients, and they have been modernizing the hiring process ever since.

In 2019 the company was rewarded by the “Recruiter Awards as the Recruitment Industry Supplier of The Year”, the award was granted to them because of the use of how much their tests have innovated the recruitment process and even the training technique of many companies.

Saville Assessment Tests

As mentioned previously, the company specializes in all kinds of tests that are made for different purposes and different clients. Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of these assessments is that they not only help in the recruitment but also in the development of high potential candidates.

Among the most popular Saville assessments are:

Wave Personality Questionnaires

This personality test is able to accurately predict how well a candidate is going to do in your company by accessing his/her motivations and natural talents in certain areas. It can determine work performance, competencies and strengths, and preferred culture of the candidate.

The tests can vary from a very detailed 40-minute exam for high-stake positions in the company to a 10-minute simple test to assess more basic characteristics and make a simple report on the individual.

These tests can also be used in individuals who are already in the company as an employee report, they can determine a person’s ability to:

  • Solve problems
  • Influence people
  • To adapt approaches
  • Deliver result

Each test will be specific to a role, they are made for: Office jobs, Marketing, Customer Service, Engineering, Financial Services, and Management.

Aptitude Tests

Unlike the personality exams, aptitude tests are designed to only determine the candidate’s skills in a certain area, which will depend on the requirements of each role. There are around 40 tests available that will assess different aptitudes, such as:

The exams can be 7-24 minutes long, usually, the longest ones will assess more than one aptitude mentioned above, while the shortest will focus on key skills. If you are a candidate, make sure you know which abilities your employer will be looking for, then you will practice for the right assessments.

The companies can also choose to apply the pre-made tests offered for specific positions such as: Technical staff, Administrative staff, Operational staff, Management trainees, Customer staff, and even Directors.

Situational Judgement Tests

Though they can be similar to the aptitude tests mentioned earlier, the situational judgment tests are made specifically to determine the behavioral tendencies, and their ability to solve workplace issues.

These exams will present real-life office situations and ask the candidate what he would do if he/she was in that situation. Sometimes the question is posed as “How effective would X approach be?” and the answer options range from extremely ineffective to extremely effective.

The tests are able to determine a candidate’s:

  • Ability to communicate productively
  • Ability to get along with coworkers
  • Ability to offer solutions in complex situations
  • Responsibility in the workplace

These tests are considered basic for all positions, so there isn’t really a list of roles or companies that ask for them. Practice as many scenarios as possible even if you are applying for different positions, this exam is usually included in that process.

Wave Strengths

The original assessments created by Saville are powered by certain elements that they embed in the questions, which they call “Wave Strengths”. They claim to determine key abilities quickly and effortlessly to help both employer and employee.

Those exams include job fit scores, work relevant questions, and standards extracted from successful employees to predict a level of success. Those wave strengths tests are custom made for each role type, which includes:

Work Strength

  • Professional
  • Management trainee
  • Manager
  • Graduate

Operational Strength

  • Engineering
  • Construct
  • Transport
  • Operational Roles in Manufacturing
  • Technical Apprentice

Commercial Strength

  • Sales
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing
  • Business development

Customer Strength

  • Customer Service
  • Leisure
  • Hospitality
  • Contact Center

Administrative Strength

  • Office
  • Administrative

The work strength test is 20 minutes long and the rest is 10 minutes long, making them quick and accurate assessments taking into account abilities necessary for each position mentioned. In some cases, there might be a customized test, since the company works with many clients and is always innovating to offer better exams.

If you are practicing for an application process the Saville tests are definitely worth a try, they are becoming more popular each year and your next employer might be using them to test your skills.