Aptitude Tests

Error Checking Test

What Is an Error Checking Test?

An error checking test is exactly what it sounds like — it assesses a candidate’s ability to identify any errors in a given text in a short time, with a typical test giving you about 20 seconds per question.

The test format often takes the form of a set of data, which has errors in the letter placement, numbers, and symbols, and the candidate will have to find these errors very quickly.

These tests are particularly used for jobs in clerical, administrative, and secretarial roles.

What to Expect

In the test, you will be required to compare an original text with an altered (transposed) version that looks very similar, to find the differences. Usually, there are changes to the name of the business, account numbers, and other information.

Oftentimes, this test is administered to candidates who look for a job in the following spheres:

  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Banking
  • Customer Support
  • Education

Types of Error Checking Tests

The following are the major providers of error tests:

  • Saville
  • SHL
  • Kenexa