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Cut-e / Aon

The Aon company is a British services firm that was founded in 1982 when two popular insurance firms merged. The new company was named Aon, which is a Gaelic word that means “One”, and today, they have over 50.000 employees in 120 countries and are expanding quickly every year.

Aon is specialized as risk mitigation products for other businesses, which includes insurance, pension administration, and aptitude assessments for new employees. In this article, we will focus on the last service, providing the necessary information you need about the Aon job assessments.

The company has also updated its client framework recently, including five promises: Partnership, Expertise, Innovation, Excellence, and Results.

About Cut-e/Aon

As mentioned previously, the Aon company provides many risk managing products and the Aon Assessment Tests are a part of that, formally called Cut-e. They are applied over 30 million times in 90 countries every year, which is why you should learn as much as possible about the test framework.

The objective is to help companies filter out candidates and find the best person to fill a certain position, which is also an important part of risk management. The assessments can be ability tests, personality questionnaires, and knowledge tests.

The industries that work with Cut-e tests are very diverse, ranging from airlines like EasyJet and Lufthansa to fast-food chains like Burger King, and many others. They also cover positions from trainees to management functions, using different types of assessments, which we will discuss later on.

Cut-e/Aon Tests

Unlike other aptitude tests, the Cut-e assessments are known for considering factors like short-term memory, specific language skills, and deductive knowledge. The questions are also formulated by professionals in the area of psychology, to make sure that the right candidates are chosen.

The feedback given is very detailed, so even if someone doesn’t pass the exam, they have a better idea of the areas to improve and work on for the next time. If you want to study for the Cut-e tests, you can use their user training course, which will also teach you how to find the right job and do well on interviews.

The most popular Cut-e tests are:

Aptitude and Skill tests

The most common type of assessment is the aptitude test. It can be applied for different positions and lines of work such as HR consultants, managers, customer service representatives, and secretaries.

This test is split into 6 different sections:

Language Skills

In this part, you will have 10 minutes to answer three simple tasks. Firstly, you will be asked to fill in the blanks with the correct word, then to select words based on a definition and finally to correct spelling errors.

The language skills required can be very basic, and most candidates can complete it in less than 10 minutes. The objective is to eliminate candidates that haven’t yet acquired the level of English necessary for a certain position.

Mechanical Reasoning

In this part, you will have 15 minutes to complete 24 tasks. You will be asked to analyze a graph or another piece of information, and mark the correct answer in a multiple-choice form. All of the questions will require basic mechanical understanding and interpretation of graphs.

Another point to note is that the candidate will be allowed to take as many practice questions as they wish, and those results won’t be considered in the end. This is important so you can get familiar with the interface before starting the actual exam.

Numerical Reasoning

In this part, you will have 12 minutes to complete 37 tasks. Now, the objective is not to answer all of them since the time wouldn’t normally allow that, you should just answer as many as you can.

The questions can involve data charts and forms, tables, and schemes which the candidate will analyze before determining the accuracy of a statement provided. This section will require a certain level of mathematical knowledge, so it will be more commonly applied in fields that require such skills like accounting and finances.

Short-Term Memory

In this part, you will have five minutes to identify 10 pictures. The question will display many images and then group them with unseen images, your job is to identify which pictures are identical to the ones you were shown before.

Though the premise of this part may be very simple, the questions can be tricky. You will see images that are very similar to the ones you’ve already seen and it can be confusing, so remember to take a practice test beforehand.


In this part. you will have 8 minutes to complete 34 tasks, and just like the numerical exam, you are not expected to answer all of them. The questions will display a statement and you will be asked to identify if that statement is true or false.

The topics covered in this section can be Security, To Operate a Machine, Hygiene, Directions, among many others. The objective is to assess how well you can draw a logical conclusion from a given instruction, which is imperative in any position.

Verbal Reasoning

In this part, you will have 12 minutes to complete up to 49 tasks, answering as many as you can. This section is very similar to the one mentioned previously, where the candidate will read a statement and determine if it is true or false.

The difference is that the topics will be Structure, Strategy, Principles, Products and Services, Locations, and Executive Board. The statements will explain the way a company works, give you a conclusion and you should decide if the conclusion is true or false based on the previous explanation.

Personality Test

Also called Adept-15, this personality assessment will have 100 questions to be completed within 30 minutes. The number of tasks and the time limit may seem challenging, but the intention is that the candidate will not spend too much time overthinking about the options.

Each question will offer short statements about your behavior at work, and you should select which statement fits you best. It’s important to answer truthfully according to your own behavior instead of choosing the option you think is “most appropriate”.

This exam will determine key qualities such as willingness to cooperate, ambition, motivation, and sensitivity. And since the exam is very long, the feedback will be detailed and effective in deciding whether or not you are prepared for a certain position.

The Adept-15 can be applied in all fields and levels since the abilities measured are essential anywhere. For this reason, you should be familiar with the questions, while being careful not to give artificial answers.