Aptitude Tests

Aptitude Tests

What Is a Career Aptitude Test?

A career aptitude test is commonly enforced by modern companies that are trying to find the best candidates for a certain position, usually being an application requirement. The purpose of this exam is to find the person with the right set of skills, cognitive ability, competence, and general personality to fill the available position in the business.

This assessment is being more adopted over the years, as it is one of the most reliable ways to find the right addition to a company, it is certainly more accurate than the usual interview questions, which is beneficial for both the employer and employee.

Research shows that three-quarters of the American population has changed career paths once in their lives, and this number does not seem to be lower in other countries. A part of the career aptitude test that is less talked about, is the fact that it helps candidates to decide which job is most appropriate for them.

Also, according to CNN, one in five workers have utilized some version of the job aptitude test, which is one of the most popular methods for candidate evaluation available in the market. This is because the exams can be both efficient and speedy for pre-applications since it allows many people to be tested at once.

What Does The Aptitude Test Measure?

There are many types of career assessment tests that will be presented later, however, they all essentially measure the most important attributes of each individual in order to match that with the requirements of a certain profession.

The quantitative and qualitative exercises that are implemented in these exams will also measure the person’s competence to perform well in some areas so they are able to grow in their field.

This evaluation is crucial because many people work in areas that are not a good fit for their abilities, so they get stuck in this position without knowing that there are better opportunities for them in different fields.

Types of Questions on an Aptitude Test

The type of test a candidate will be taking, depends on the kind of position they are applying for, so the questions may vary significantly. For engineering jobs, for example, the questions will involve mechanical reasoning, usually in the form of simple mathematical problems that have a multiple choice answer.

Numerical reasoning tests will ask the person to analyze graphics, statistics, and charts and provide the correct information that can be extracted from that source, these are supposed to be done in a short period of time.

If the interviewer is more interested in assessing the ability to solve work-related issues, the questions will include normal office problems and the multiple-choice answers will suggest different ways of dealing with that problem.

There are also general questions to test a candidate’s judgment, these questions will describe a scenario in which there is a moral dilemma or a problem in the company, and the multiple-choice answers will have specific solutions for the issue.

Types of Aptitude Tests

The type of test that the company decides to administer will evaluate specific qualities that the employer wants for a certain role. If the role involves solving math problems, the numerical reasoning test or the mechanical reasoning test will be used, if it is an administrative role in the business, the situational judgment test or the verbal reasoning test will be more useful.

How to Prepare for an Aptitude Test?

Job assessment tests can be very challenging and intimidating, they are made to distinguish the fittest person for the role, while also excluding many others. There are, however, many ways to prepare before taking the exam that will help the candidate to have an above-average performance.

The first advice given by professionals and employers is to practice taking these tests online. The practice tests can be done for free and only take 5 – 20 minutes to answer a variety of questions that will help you be more prepared for an actual exam. Answering as many questions as possible is the best way to understand what answers the employers will be looking for.

Most aptitude tests have an emphasis on quick responses, which can only be achieved with a lot of practice in the area. Beyond that, companies will often release a preparation guide before the test. Make sure that you have an idea of the type of exam this role is going to require. Some exams, like the error-checking test (where the person will be asked to identify issues in a database), and the in-tray exercises (where business and prioritization skills are tested) mentioned above are very different from the rest and will need more specific training.

Another recommendation is that the candidate researches the company they are applying for carefully, and figure out their core values and principles. This is very important since many companies prepare their own customized queries, and in order to respond to those correctly, the person has to know what this business believes in.

This advice is also useful for interviews, as the employers want the candidate to show genuine interest in their business model. This research can be done by looking at the company’s social media, Linkedin and maybe interacting with the employees by leaving messages in those places.

The support system is also very important in this journey, for this purpose, the candidate can participate in forums, Facebook groups, or other communities where they can share experiences, advice, and support.